Project Description


Silicone gel for scar treatment. To be used for scars caused by acne, burns, injuries of skin infections and for raised scars. Obscures existing scars and reduces formation of (hypertrophic and keloïd) scar tissue.
Makes scars softer, less thick, more elastic and less visible
Ensures that less connective-tissue (collagen) is created
Reduces the redness and thickening of the scar
Can be used with existing scars whether they are new or pre-existing ones
Relieves itching and pain of scars
Is easy to use, dries quickly and is not sticky
Suitable for both adults and children

Main Ingredients:

  • Silicone oils

Main Indications:

obscure scars or to reduce the formation of scar tissue. It makes scars softer, less thick, more elastic and less visible. 


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